The aim of this milestone is to provide constructive feedback to help the candidate to a successful completion. 

It is assumed that the student has completed the first draft of their thesis and is now working to refine and prepare their thesis for submission.

At this milestone, the scope, originality and quality of the thesis should be assessed to identify any major concerns that need attention before submission. At the end of this review, the School should be assured that the thesis will be ready for assessment by the expected date, or determine a new submission date. If there are any differences of opinion between the candidate and the advisory team about the readiness of the thesis for assessment, this is the opportunity to raise concerns. Lastly, it is important that the candidate has established a feasible plan of action for completion within the set timeframes.


  • PhD: 9–12 months after mid-candidature review for full-time candidates, 18–24 months for part-time candidates.
  • MPhil: 4–6 months after mid-candidature review for full-time candidates, 8–12 months for part-time candidates.
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  • List of publications since last milestone or a detailed progress report.
  • Completion seminar - 40 minute presentation of the candidate's work to the School.
  • Plan to complete thesis.
  • Interview with the Review Committee:
    • The Review Committee consists of the candidate's advisory team (including all associate advisors) and is chaired by the person who chaired the Confirmation Committee (or suitable replacement). The appropriate Research Division Leader and/or the Postgraduate Coordinator may also sit on the Review Committee at the request of the candidate and/or advisory team.

HDR candidates are expected to arrange their own room/ zoom bookings. Please do so via the UQ Library website and/or via the ITEE Research Officer via

All seminars should also be advertised publicly via the ITEE Research Officer.

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Assessment process

  • Completion of the Thesis Review Form (PDF, 276.5 KB)
  • Student to provide a detailed plan to complete thesis.
  • Student to provide detailed progress report (if applicable).
  • Student to present a 40 minute seminar which the Review Committee must attend.
  • Formal interview with the candidate, hosted by the Chair of the Review Committee.
  • Completion of milestone attainment request in the Candidature Management Portal. Please ensure you upload the above supporting documents into the portal as attachments to your request.
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  • Milestone achieved.
  • Extension of milestone.
  • Review of candidature as per Graduate School guidelines.
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