Innovation Showcase

Fostering industry collaboration and showcasing the tremendous talents of ITEE students.

The 2021 ITEE Innovation Showcase will take place on Thursday 4 November. 

The Innovation Showcase is an opportunity for Students in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering to showcase their end of year projects to members of the public, industry sponsors, industry guests, the wider UQ community and fellow students.

Not only does this event allow students to celebrate the successful completion of projects months in the making, it gives students the opportunity to interact with the wider community and make valuable industry contacts.

Since 2012, The School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering has hosted this showcase which has exhibited student projects from the key disciplines of electrical engineer, information technology and multimedia design, with premier examples of work from the schools studio and project courses.

Student benefits

  • Networking: The Showcase provides an ideal opportunity for students to network and talk directly with Industry Sponsors.
  • Industry feedback: Have the opportunity to pitch your project to industry partners you can give you valuable feedback on your project.
  • Prize: Submit your project and have the opportunity to win $1000 in prize money.

Industry partners

  • Exclusive access to our students: Have the opportunity to see unique student projects and get a head start on recruiting the best and brightest for your organisation.
  • Networking: Build mutually beneficial relationships between UQ and your industry. Find out what the next generation of ITEE students can do for your industry.

Who is eligible

  • ITEE students who have a end of year project that is able to be presented.
  • Individual projects and group projects welcome.

How to participate

Students can participate in one of two ways:

  1. Be nominated by an ITEE academic.
    Students can be nominated by their lecturer or tutor. If you are nominated, you will be contacted directly by the School with further instructions
  2. Self nominate.
    Students can now self nominate for the Innovation Showcase. To self nominate yourself, please fill in the Project Expression of Interest Form


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