There is important work happening to expand the AI ethics conversation to encompass contestability, justice, and power. Through a series of examples, I will explain why just looking at fairness, interpretability, and diversity is insufficient. I’ll discuss practical steps to increase participation and power for those impacted by our technology.

Speaker bio

Dr Rachel Thomas is co-founder of, where she helped create the most popular free online course on deep learning, bringing more people around the world with diverse and non-traditional backgrounds into AI. She previously was founding director of the Center for Applied Data Ethics at the University of San Francisco, with a focus on issues of surveillance, disinformation, bias, and justice in the tech industry. Rachel earned her PhD in mathematics at Duke University, and was an early data scientist and software engineer at Uber. She was selected by Forbes as one of 20 Incredible Women in AI and was profiled in the book Women Tech Founders on the Rise.


3pm - 4pm Seminar

4pm - 5pm Networking 

This seminar will also be available as a Webinar. Webinar link:


Advanced Engineering Building (Map)
The University of Queensland
GHD Auditorium