The latest revision (Edition 5) of IEC 60296 has since been updated, implemented and used gradually in 2020. The major inclusion to the insulating oil family are the recycled oils (reclaimed/regenerated/re-refined).  IEC 60296 Ed 5 is now based on the performance indicators with identification of the type of insulating oils as requested and to be supplied accordingly  to the end users. Insulating oils are now classified as Type A (fully inhibited high grade oils similar to special application  oils in Ed4) and Type B (similar to standard grade oils for general application in Ed4). One of the major performance parameters now included is stray gassing (under thermo-oxidative stress) test for Type A oils. 

The seminar aims to provide some insights into the changes in the insulating oils’ requirements and specifications, at the same time how this new edition of IEC 60296 for insulating oils impacts the dynamic market for insulating oil industry.


Mr. Chian Yaw Toh

Is currently Head of Technical Development & Market Support, Asia Pacific, Nynas Singapore. Chian Yaw has worked in several application development and technical roles with Eastman Chemicals, Dow Chemicals, DuPont Dow Elastomers and 3M.  Chian Yaw received his B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.  He also has a MBA, International Management, from the Royal Institute of Technology, Australia.



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Free for TIC members
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