Advanced Webinar Final Acceptance Testing: Scope, Techniques,

and Result Assessment for Power Transformers Pt1 & Pt2

Pt1 Factory Acceptance Testing - Dielectric Tests

  • Scope and Classification of Tests
  • Lightning Impulse requirements, Test Equipment and results assessment
  • Other Dielectric Tests and their Applicability, Purpose & Assessment

Pt2 Factory Acceptance Testing - General Tests

  • Loss Measurements (No Load & Load) Test techniques, expected results and assessment
  • Test Circuits for Routine Tests and requirements of the Standards
  • Useful rules to assess test results
  • Temperature Rise tests techniques and thermal theory to understand the results
  • Sound Level Measurement and theory including Sound Pressure vs Sound power
  • Understanding Zero Sequence Impedance and its testing

Presenter Rob Milledge Technology Manager & Application Engineer,

Power Transformers Hitachi Energy

*Part 1: Date 10th March 2022 1.00pm to 3.00pm (AEST) (2 Hrs)*

*Part 2: Date 17th March 2022 1.00pm to 3.00pm  (AEST) (2 Hrs)*

Rob has had over 40 years  experience in Power Transformer electrical and mechanical design, manufacturing, test for voltages to 550kV and ratings to 1,125MVA. Rob is the Chair of EL/8 Committee Standards Australia and a member of CIGRE committee – AP A2 Panel. 

Non TIC member - Cost $240.0 AUD (incl GST)            

                                           $218.18 (AUD) for international (no GST) .

TIC members - Free                                                      



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