• Chemistry of oil and paper and how gases are produced
  • How oil and paper degrade
  • Diagnostic oil tests including Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Oil Quality Tests, Furans and Particle Analysis
  • Interpreting results: applying laboratory test results to condition of equipment
  • Detailed Case Studies. Taking appropriate action based on results. Oil Sampling – outline of best equipment and method for gaining a representative sample
  • Diagnostic testing of other oil-filled equipment namely Tap Changers, Circuit Breakers, Ring Main Units SF6 testing


Antony Giacomin 

Antony Giacomin is the Sales & Marketing Manager for TJ|H2b Analytical Services based in Melbourne, Australia, and is responsible for activities throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  Antony received an Honours Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Melbourne in 1992.  He has since acquired over 30 years experience in Engineering design and technical sales roles encompassing Engineering, Manufacturing and Services fields. Antony joined TJ|H2b Analytical Services in 2002 and has since helped to establish TJ|H2b as one of the leading transformer oil testing laboratories in the Asia Pacific territory, complimenting the presence TJ|H2b has in the USA and Europe. Antony has given numerous technical presentations throughout the region including major conferences such as TechCon® on subjects related to condition monitoring of HV Equipment

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  • $109.09 (AUD) for international (no GST) .
  • TIC members - Free                                                      


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