Power, Energy and Control Engineering

Professor Tapan SahaAs a discipline leader of Power, Energy and Control Engineering at UQ, I am delighted to support opportunities to initiate and enhance collaboration between our discipline and other national and international research groups and industry in the areas of power, energy and control engineering.

We are one of the leading power engineering and power electronics research groups in Australia with over 50 academic staff, researchers and PhD students. We have access to advanced simulation platforms and test and measurement infrastructures such as Power Electronics, Pulsed Power, Renewable Energy System and Transformer Labs including the Centre for Energy Data Innovation and UQ grid-connected solar inverters with over 65MW capacity with research, teaching and engagement opportunities.

Please contact me if you need more information about our discipline and active projects.

Professor Tapan Saha
Discipline Leader
School of Information technology and Electrical Engineering

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The Power, Energy and Control Engineering discipline is dedicated to conducting emerging and innovative research to deliver cutting edge technology and training solutions for the power industry and industrial electronics manufacturers.

Our research activities are centred around energy conversion and control systems, renewable energy integration and condition monitoring power infrastructure.

This includes power system stability, power quality modelling and monitoring, control and operation of power systems and energy storage system with a specific focus on the needs of the electricity supply industry.

Our academic staff has established an emerging multi-disciplinary nanosecond Pulsed Power research group in collaboration with UQ schools, UQ's Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine, including Australian and International research groups.

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