Researcher biography

Susan is a research academic within the Human Centred Computing group in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE). She has a B.InfoTech, Data Comms and Info Systems (Honours) awarded 1st Class. Her thesis, in the final stages, complete her PhD degree in Information Systems Theory at QUT. Her PhD research explores the dyadic phenomenon of nodes in culturally different networks, with implications in the design of information systems. Her research centres on Aboriginal peoples' design methods in human computer interaction; specifically within cultural learning contexts, including languages.

Susan brings Indigenist research and reciprocal collaboration to decolonised design methods that inform social networking theories in the domain of information systems theory and which, extend Eurocentric design of virtual spaces. As Ngemba Wiradjuri and grown up on Country her lived experience of social, institutional and political dimensions that impact Aboriginal peoples lives in Australia enables Susan to critically analyse and reflect on all aspects, reflexively throughout her research. Susan is also a guest Academic Editor for Information Systems Journal (ISJ).

Current research collaborations with Aboriginal peoples:

  • explores technology as a networking tool for community members on Country and in the diaspora to continue ancestral knowledges and develop contemporary knowledge consolidation in the protection, rehabilitation and restoration of cultural artefacts. This includes languages, environment and ecological communities, centred on Knowledge sovereignty for Aboriginal communities in Australia.
  • consider AS-IS language documentation process, critically analyse friction points, model a TO-BE workflow implementing cultural integrity and cultural validation triggers.

Areas of research