Researcher biography

Doctor of Engineering (UQ, 2013) on Analysis & Design of Wideband Passive Microwave Devices for Telecomm & Medical Imaging

Amin M Abbosh has BSc , MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering, Grad Cert in Higher Education, and D.Eng. degree in Microwave Engineering.

He is now Professor, Leader of the Electromagnetic Innovations team (EMAGIN) and Head of School of IT & Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland.

His main research interests are electromagnetic medical imaging, design & analysis of microwave devices for wideband performance, antennas & radio wave propagation.

* I am currently recruiting PhD students and Postdoc Fellows in Applied Electromagnetics, Signal Processing, and Artificial Intelligence to work with my team. If you are interested and have a strong record, please send your CV to me. See also my advertised projects.