Charting Farmers' Experience of Tariff Switching

Electricity tariffs are complicated. 

Changes to tariffs structures and rates have impacted the profitability and competitiveness of agricultural businesses. We want to hear your voice toward understanding how energy tariffs and energy retailers can better serve agriculturalists across Queensland and New South Wales.

The University of Queensland has partnered with Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) to understand the impact of tariffs switching on agricultural operations by working with farmers in Queensland and New South Wales, in order to assist them in the decision-making process and support greater inclusion of farmers’ needs in the design of more flexible tariffs.

We want to hear from you!

Expressions of interest are being sought from Queensland and New South Wales farmers to participate in the project to better understand how electricity tariffs for agricultural operations are considered and chosen.

  • Participating farmers will undertake a confidential 30-minute phone or Zoom interview with researchers from the University of Queensland and receive a $40 gift card.
  • The questions will focus on electricity tariffs, the impact of energy market reform on farm operations and how electricity retail offerings can be better designed to meet the needs of farmers.

Interested farmers, please Express your interest via the button below. Complete the form and upload a power bill and a member of the QFF Energy Savers team will be in touch.

Express your interest

Our goal is to better assist farmers by understanding how you choose electricity tariffs, helping to reduce costs on-farm. The study also aims to promote the greater inclusion of farmers’ needs in the design of more flexible tariffs.

The research is approved under UQ's Human Research Ethics (HE000538).

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Project members

Dr Stephen Snow

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Dr Archie Chapman

Senior Lecturer
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Mr Alexander Balson

Research Scholar