The Florence Project is guided by lived experience experts. These are people living with dementia and care partners of people living with dementia.

People can get involved in the project by:

  • Joining the lived experience expert reference group;
  • Participating in research projects;
  • Attending events or reading updates about the research.

The lived experience expert reference group

Throughout the project, people living with dementia and care partners have guided our focus and decisions. They are:

  • Part of our design team as we create technologies;
  • Consulted to help with decisions in our studies;
  • Also authors and presenters as we share our research.

Work with the lived experience expert reference group has helped develop new technologies and new ways of doing research about technology.

We use a co-design approach that is flexible, responsive and strengths-based.

This means we make sure our ways of working are accessible and make sense, we make changes based on the feedback we receive, and our lived experience experts apply their skills and strengths to the research. Everyone can take on a different role.

More information

For more information about this project visit the Florence Project page.

Florence Project

Calls for participants

As part of the project we have been conducting different research studies that people may take part in.

All research projects are approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee – and you can contact the research team with any questions via email at

Current studies seeking participants: