Robots are more than just a sensor, or an algorithm, or an actuator: they are complex electromechanical devices with sophisticated interactions not just between the robot and its environment, but between parts of the robot itself.

The Robotics Design Lab (RDL) takes a holistic approach to developing robotic systems, which considers all of the systems of a robot concurrently to find innovative solutions to difficult design challenges.

The RDL consists of academics and technical staff with broad skill sets within engineering and special expertise in control, propulsion and construction of unmanned aerial vehicles, and growing strength in legged locomotion.











Dr Ola Olsson is researching the iRat and social robotics at UQ

  • TAS DCRC Fellowship on Embodied Drone Intelligence
  • Tiny Giant Robot CMG Biped 
  • Robot-Enabled Autonomous Science 
  • iRat 
    The iRAT robot was developed to embody bio-inspired neural based cognition models. It is used to research neural, behavioural and information processing bases of complex and intelligent systems. 

We are accepting project applications from exceptional candidates in the following areas:

  • Advanced robotics design
  • UAV dynamics and control
  • Legged locomotion