Demand-side management is a key tool in the effective and efficient management of future power networks comprising of distributed and intermittent energy resources.

However, most of the existing demand-side potential to improve power network performance remains untapped mostly due to lack of adequate control algorithms. This research theme is to develop novel control methods based on advanced control theory for effective and robust management of distributed energy resources.

Our research team have been involved in the following research topics:

  • Demand-side management and control
  • Techno-economic and life-cycle analyses
  • Data-driven power system applications through PMU and power quality meters in real power networks
  • Small scale and large-scale PV and wind integration to distribution and transmission grid
  • Demand-side management
  • RTDS application to grid management
  • Energy transition: Enabling the power systems of the future with renewables, storage and HVDC and new technologies
  • Home and Building energy management in smart grid environment
  • Peer-to-peer trading
  • Energy Data application to better grid management
  • Grid efficient buildings
  • Transactive energy