Power Electronics is a key technology to utilise renewable energy systems for smart and future grids and advanced electrical and electronic systems. Power electronics refers to control and conversion of electrical power - from milliwatts to hundreds of megawatts - using semiconductor power devices operating in switching mode.

Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC), Gallium Nitride (GaN) have been utilised in modern power electronics converters due to their superior electrical (fast switching capabilities) and thermal performances compared to silicon power switching devices.

Our research team has extensive knowledge and experience in modelling, design and development of several power electronics systems including:

  • High Frequency Active Front End (AFE) converters based on WBG switches
  • Modular Energy Conversion Systems for high power applications
  • Smart and Efficient Power Converters for Energy Management Systems utilised in commercial and industrial networks
  • Multilevel Converters – topology and control
  • Advanced power converters for high frequency converters
  • Ultrafast power converters based on WBG devices for pulsed power systems