Visualising AI

Visualising AI 

As part of the 2021 Brisbane Street Art Festival,  Vast Yonder and The Queensland AI Hub brought together leading AI experts and urban street artists to Visualise artificial intelligence through a  "Science Meets Street Art Co-Lab". Four public murals aim to spark curiosity and conversation around the creation and use of artifical intelligence, raising community awareness and dispelling misconceptions about this technology. 

UQ's Professor Janet Wiles collaborated with street artists Scott Nagy and Krimsone to inspire the 33.48m² Westfield Garden City mural that imagines the meeting between a social roboticist and her AI companion - a social robotic bird.

The artists modelled this AI companion on the rare Australian Palm Cockatoo because of its high intelligence and unique way of communicating through drumming. This echos Professor Wiles' work in social robotics which aims to apply deep technology skills to communication challenges ranging from assisting First Nations peoples to access their languages to supporting people living with dementia. 



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