ARC Training Centre for Information Resilience

Information resilience is the capacity of organisations to build, protect and sustain agile data pipelines, capable of detecting and responding to failures and risks all along the value chain in which the data is sourced, shared, transformed, analysed and consumed.

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Enable organisations to leverage insights and evidence to unleash the value of data in approaching economic and social challenges.

  • To lift the socio-technical barriers to responsible and agile value creation from data with end-to-end solutions for resilience in information value chains.
  • To build capacity in Australian organisations for value creation from data by training of future leaders in emerging digital technologies.
  • To create transformational change in Australia’s knowledge economy through research-industry partnerships that transcend disciplinary and sector boundaries.


Empower government, industries, universities and the wider community to understand and unlock the value of data by:

  • Solving real-world barriers to leveraging data technology for impact and enabling better data pipelines.
  • Developing capabilities and skills to become information resilient and data driven ensuring actions derived from data are ethical, productive, cost-efficient and effective.
  • Contributing to the ongoing development of data literacy by supporting a critical and creative stance towards data-use and how data is used to influence choice and behaviours.
  • Collaborating across the sector to bring the best minds, intentions and attitudes together to address identified research challenges.

Chief investigators

The University of Queensland

Prof Shazia Sadiq, Centre Director
Prof Andrew Burton-Jones
Dr Gianluca Demartini
Dr Wen Hua
Prof Marta Indulska
Dr Hassan Khosravi
Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani
Dr Ida Asadi Someh
Dr Thomas Taimre
Dr Rhema Vaithianathan
Dr Sen Wang
Prof Mark Western
Dr Hongzhi Yin

Swinburne University of Technology

A/Prof Amir Aryani
Prof Chengfei Liu
Dr Paul Scifleet

Program partners

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