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University of Queensland academics and experts in political and computer sciences - Dr Glenn Kefford from the School of Political Science and International Studies and Associate Professor Gianluca Demartini from the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering - joined forces to build the UQ Election Ad Data  Dashboard to map and analyse data on Facebook election advertising during the 2022 Federal election campaign.  

The Project was partly funded by a 2021 UQ Cyber Initiative grant and builds on four years of research by Associate Professor Demartini and his research team. Read more on the media release statement of this project here

[Data captured between 10 April to 20 May, 2022. Source:]


Project staff: 
Assoc. Professor Gianluca Demartini (Data Science Lead)
Dr. Glenn Kefford (Political Science Lead) 
Dr. Lei Han (Data Analysis) 
Jaiden Harding (Dashboard) 
Ryan Harvey (Data Analysis) 
Jay Huynh (Data Infrastructure) 
Josh Marsh (Data Infrastructure and Analysis) 
Robert Nguyen (Data Analysis) 
Rudra Sawant (Data Analysis) 
Ankit Sharma (Dashboard) 

Sources of Data: 
Facebook Ad Library: volume, temporal, state, and spend data 
UQ Data Science tools: party, electorate, and topic labels 

UQ Cyber Security and UQAI Collaboratory  
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